Just before 6 pm on April 4, 2019, 15-year-old Crystal Garcia-Camacho, was walking down Browder Traylor Road a short time after getting off the school bus. A green Toyota Sequoia was southbound and struck the teen, the driver then veered across the road and through the ditch striking a water meter, trash cans, and a fence before coming back up on the roadway. The driver then exited his SUV, looked at the damage then drove about 150-yards to Ferrell’s Country Store at Browder Traylor and Williams Road and walked into the store. Another male walked in and informed him he struck the young lady. DPS was able to detain the driver after a witness confronted the suspect at the store and brought him back to the scene.  MCHD and North Montgomery County Fire Department responded to the scene and started CPR, however, the young lady passed away. Troopers spoke with Ian Philippe Anderson who originally told one Trooper that he was on the way to Ferrell’s Country Market where he had ordered some ribs. He stated that he believes he fell asleep and the jolt awoke him. He said he had just gotten off work and had not slept well the night before. He also said he took care of his sick parents at home which contributed to his fatigue. He provided a blood sample that was negative for alcohol or drugs. The victims’ mother also witnessed the crash. She told investigators that after her daughter was struck the driver got out of the vehicle to look at the damage to his vehicle then drive off. Another witness also confirmed that he heard a bang, when he went to look the driver had hit a fence and got out, inspected his vehicle and then drove off. Another witness was actually run off the road and described Anderson’s driving as reckless. After he was brought back to the scene he told that witness he swerved to miss a dog. However, the witness told Troopers she never saw a dog. On Friday, after reviewing the case a warrant was issued for Anderson charging him with accident involving personal injury or death, a second-degree felony. At 6 pm last night Deputies with Montgomery County Precinct 1 Constable’s Office executed that warrant and arrested Anderson at his Willis home. He was transported to the Montgomery County Jail on a $50,000 bond.

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