Close to 5 pm Splendora ISD Police responded to Midline ROad near US 59 after a resident called in reporting an attempted abduction of a child getting off a school bus. After meeting with the child they were able to locate two males at an abandoned trailer who matched the description of the child. According to Splendora ISD Police Chief Rex Evans, the child was exiting the bus when the pair attempted to lure her to the trailer. The girl ran down the middle of the street screaming. A neighbor saw her and scooped her up and alerted her mother. Chief Evans said the child did exactly as taught if in a situation like this. The trailer the 2 were taken in custody from is a known drug house, trashed out with human waste in several places. As the investigation continues the pair are currently being held on public intoxication charges. Evans said they are talking to additional witnesses and pulling bus video.

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  1. bbarr

    If it was a “know drug house” why hasn’t it already been shut down ?
    If there’s even a suspicion the police should be banging on the door:
    Were told “if you see something, say something “.
    “Known drug house” is saying something

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