February 4, 2023 3:49 am

Posted: 12.12.2015 3:33


On Tuesday, December 8th, Sheriff’s Deputy Tana Fisher responded to a reported attempted kidnapping of a seven (7) year boy while he was playing near the 300 block of CR 4882 near the City of Dayton, Texas. According to the small boy he was playing near the road when a black male driving a red pick-up truck pulled up near him and grabbed his shoulder and tried to pull him into the red truck. The little boy managed to pull away and run to a neighbor’s house for help while the suspect fled the area. The incident was witnesses by the mother of the child as well as a neighbor.

The description of this suspect and his red pick-up truck is vague but investigators are concerned that it may be the same person and vehicle related to the recent rape of a 30 year old female that occurred recently this week on FM 1413 just west of Dayton.

Lead Investigator Sgt. Chris Ungles who is heading up the investigation on the 7 year old little boy’s attempted kidnapping is also working with the Liberty Police Department on a recent call they received on Tuesday, December 8th. In this particular case a 20 year old female was jogging near her home in the city of Liberty when a black male driving a red pick-up truck drove us beside her and ask for her name and telephone number and then ask her to get in his truck and he would take her home. When she tried to avoid him, he pulled the truck across the street blocking her but she managed to run away and call the police.

According to Sgt. Ungles, this woman told him this same man in the same truck drove up to her while she was jogging over a week ago, and prior to the sexual assault of the woman on FM 1413, and tried to talk to her at that time but she managed to avoid him. This potential victim then read about the rape that took place on FM 1413 and from the description given of both the suspect and the red pick-up truck thinks it is the same person that approached her. The second time this woman was approached she said she paid close attention to the driver and the truck and the description of the suspect and his vehicle is very similar to the physical description given of the suspect on the sexual assault on FM 1413 even down to the black Christmas tree air freshener hanging from the rear view mirror in the cab.

At the present time, Sgt. Ungles is working on the POSSIBILITY of the suspect in the sexual assault case on FM 1413 and the attempted kidnapping case of the young boy on CR 4882 as well as the case where the jogging female was approached MAY be the one and the same suspect. Sgt. Ungles is checking security camera footage from two locations in an attempt to, hopefully, gain further descriptions of the subject and his vehicle.

While this on-going investigation is being conducted by Sgt. Ungles, Liberty County Sheriff Bobby Rader is advising the public to stay very much aware of their surroundings and to report any suspicious activity to local law enforcement. Sheriff Rader further ask that if anyone has any information on the suspect and or vehicle matching this description to call the Sheriff’s Office at (936)336-4500 or call Crime Stoppers at 1-(800)392-7867 where a cash reward can be given for the arrest of this suspect.