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Tuesday afternoon Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office received a call of a stolen truck on SH 105 East near Crockett Martin. A deputy arrived there within minutes and was able to broadcast an attempt to locate on the black Ford F-250 pickup truck with black wheels and a license number. That description was broadcast but things got easier for the search. The owner had left his cell phone in the truck and by doing so was able to track on a computer exactly were his truck was located.

When he notified the deputy the truck was traveling north on I-45 Willis Police and Montgomery County Precinct 1 Constables began setting up along the freeway. It wasn’t long before the truck passed a Willis officer who attempted to stop the vehicle just north of the city limits. The truck accelerated to over 100 miles per hour at which time a Montgomery County Precinct 1 Constable was also able to join in the chase.

The truck exited at New Waverly then traveled north on Highway 75 to FM 2296. Walker County units were moving in to assist as the driver turned north on FM 2296 and the truck powered by a Scorpion Diesel once again accelerated making it to Highway 190 in minutes.

When the driver started traveling east on Highway 190 San Jacinto and Polk County units were notified. A DPS helicopter was also dispatched.

Just as the driver approached the Lake Livingston bridge he stopped and ran into the wood ending the forty-two mile pursuit. For the next several hours dogs attempted to track him along with the helicopter.

Law enforcement officers spotted a male come out of the woods and detained him. He denied any wrong doing until the cell phone of the truck owner was found on his person.

Montgomery County Auto Theft Task force Detectives traveled to San Jacinto County and for the next 4 hours interviewed the suspect. They were finally able to identify him as a parole violator from the State of Missouri. They learned he had not been out long when he skipped the state.

He is currently being held in the San Jacinto County Jail on charges of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, evading arrest, failure to id as a wanted felon, credit card fraud and possession of stolen property. Additional charges are expected on Wednesday in Montgomery County at which time detectives will also bring the truck back for processing.

He is also being held on the Missouri parole warrant.

During the pursuit one problem several law enforcement officer had was motorists not yielding to the emergency vehicles. Motorists coming head on at the officers were not yielding but continued driving in the moving lane of traffic and yet some as officers came up behind them did not se or hear them and continued driving. Motorists are urged to check your mirrors often and if an emergency vehicle approaches pull as far to the right as possible this is also the case for a non divided highway when approaching vehicles must also pull to the right.

The truck was not damaged.

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