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SMALL IMAGE Just after 7:15p.m. Thursday night Splendora Fire Department was dispatched to a vehicle accident with fire on Daw Collins Road near Morgan Cemetery. When they arrived on the scene they found a pickup truck totally involved in flames and the fuel tank just exploding. As firefighters started extinguishing the flames the other part of the crew went to assist the MCHD Medics who were treating the victims.

As the investigation continued DPS Trooper Lopez explained that Carl Lucius age 21, of Conroe was going north on Daw Collins Road. Just as he passed Morgan Cemetery a hog, approximately three-hundred pounds ran out in front of him. He struck the hog tearing out the undercarriage of his truck causing him to veer into a large pine tree. Hitting it dead center of his truck, the truck pivoted one-hundred-eighty degrees and erupted in flames.

The driver was able to escape the truck. However his one-year-old daughter was still in the child safety seat in the back seat of the truck.

Tom Porter, who lives a short distance away was outside sitting next to an evening fire when he heard the crash. He got into his truck and drove down to it. As he approached the driver a neighbor said a baby was still in the truck. Not wasting any time or thinking about his safety Tom jumped into the back of his truck and using his knife cut the straps away from the baby in the seat pulling the little girl to safety and handing him out to his friend and neighbor identified only as Junior.

Tom said he was coughing as he removed the child with the heavy smoke. He had lived there twenty-seven-years and has seen many wrecks up and down Daw Collins.

Lucius, who has possibly a broken leg was transported to Hermann  Woodlands along with his uninjured daughter.

With Daw Collins closed DPS worked quickly to open the road to traffic. According to DPS speed didn’t seem to be a factor.

Slinky, a local wrecker driver who just recently has taken to eradicating wild hogs from local residents and business properties loaded the hog on his wrecker and delivered it to Overall’s Grocery at FM 1485 and US 59 where Rick at that location is a well known taxidermist in the area and will mount the head of this huge creature.

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