Baby taken in stolen car found shivering in cold 20 miles away

A 16-month-old is safe after a car was stolen with him in the back seat from a gas station in northeast Harris County.

Deputies say that around midnight, a mother, identified as 21-year-old Kimberly Cook, and her boyfriend, 29-year-old Anthony Blue, left their Chrysler 300 running and unlocked in the parking lot while they were inside the store to play gaming machines.

When they came out to check on her son, the car was missing. The 16-month-old was asleep in a car seat in the back seat of the vehicle.

During the search for the stolen car, a park ranger was closing up MacGregor Park on Calhoun Road around 12:25 a.m.

He locked all the gates, and the park was empty, except for a homeless person, whom he told to leave.

As the park ranger moved closer to one of the gates, he saw what he thought was an animal walking through the parking lot. It turns out it was the missing 16-month-old shivering in his onesie.

Houston police responded and took the child to Texas Children’s Hospital as a precaution.

Around 1 a.m., police found the couple’s stolen car on 610 South Loop, near Highway 225, where the suspects inside led officers on a chase.

The car finally stopped off T.C. Jester and the North Loop. Two suspects, identified as 18-year-old Jabari Davis and 19-year-old Vincent Cannady, were taken into custody and questioned.

“It’s pretty chilly out here and a lot of wild animals running around out there. Things could’ve ended very differently had the park ranger not come by here and located the baby,” said Kerry Clopton with HFD.

Davis was charged with kidnapping, auto theft and felony evading. Cannady was charged with auto theft and kidnapping. Both of them were on deferred adjudication for previous felony offenses. Officials say both of them were at the Harris County Young Men About Change (YMAC) facility earlier in the day, but left.

Cook and Blue were charged with child endangerment.

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  1. Texicandog

    This mother doesn’t deserve that child. And stop already with the deferred adjudications!!! It teaches these creeps nothing other than to do it again.

    1. robo

      Its all about the money! The system is so screwed especially in Montgomery County. In Montgomery County you are guilty before you even go to court. Its crazy how they can just make laws

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