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Bank Jugging Arrest

With “bank jugging” and vehicle break-ins on the rise, in late 2022 Constable Kenneth “Rowdy” Hayden started a “Bank Watch” initiative, where Deputies check banks in our precinct daily, looking for suspicious activity and behavior, to ultimately prevent these crimes from happening.
Bank jugging is when suspect(s) follow bank customers suspected of having large quantities of cash as they leave banks, then will break into the vehicle once left unoccupied, hoping to make a quick grab and dash with the cash.
On February 3. 2023, Deputies were able to stop and identify two suspects who had recently committed a bank jugging in the New Caney area. The investigation revealed the money taken during the bank jugging as well as the victim’s cell phone.
Darren Savoy, 38 years of age from Baytown, and Marsalis Albrow, 34 years of age from Houston, are both charged with burglary of a motor vehicle and possession of a controlled substance (ecstasy).
This is just one example of how Constable Hayden’s “Bank Watch” initiative is working. There have been several other suspects identified since the initiative began, and further charges are pending.
Constable Hayden warns everyone to please be aware of their surroundings, and watch for those sitting in vehicles for a prolonged amount of time watching the front doors of banks; never leave valuables in your vehicles and watch for being followed once you leave a bank location. If you are ever in doubt, call the police and if possible, drive to a police station and have a deputy meet you.


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