January 31, 2023 10:46 am

Posted: 4.12.2022 3:16


At 10:15 pm Saturday South Montgomery County Fire Department responded to a reported crash with entrapment on Rayford Road at near Balsam Fir in the Benders Landing area. Units arrived to find a 2015 BMW in the median against a tree with extensive damage. The driver and passenger had already exited the vehicle and appeared to have minor injuries. The right rear passenger was partially entrapped and in critical condition. Firefighters were able to get him out. He was transported to the hospital in critical condition. The impact of the vehicle was so great that the entire drive train (engine, transmission, and driveshaft) shot out the front of the vehicle. The front bumper is over 100 feet away. DPS investigated the crash and found the BMW had been traveling north on Rayford Road at a high rate of speed and went into a side skid at a slight curve in the road. The vehicle then slid into several trees in the median. The scene cleared close to 2 am. All Points Wrecker towed the vehicle and parts from the scene. According to law enforcement, many vehicles use this area of Rayford as a racetrack.