August 8, 2022 3:39 pm

Posted: 8.1.2011 6:38

Brady Introduces CUTS Act to Shrink Washington Spending by more than $150 billion

There can be no ‘sacred cows’ because we "simply can’t allow these dangerous deficits to continue"

Washington, DC. – U.S. Congressman Kevin Brady (R-Texas) introduced the CUTS Act today that reduces federal spending by $153 billion, which he calls a ‘down payment’ on getting America’s financial books in order.

Many of the savings items were identified by the recent bi-partisan deficit reduction commission. They include shrinking the federal workforce by 10 percent, cutting White House and Congressional budgets, freezing pay for federal workers and Congress, selling excess federal property, cutting programs that are obsolete or duplicate others and reducing Department of Defense spending on wasteful procurement.

The bill, titled “Cut Unsustainable and Top-heavy Spending”, also collects unpaid federal taxes from federal workers, denies unemployment benefits to millionaires and eliminates programs targeted by both the Bush and Obama administrations. 

“Our nation’s budget is out of control. We need to take strong actions today to get it back on track,” said Brady. “Both Republicans and Democrats on the deficit commission agreed these cuts need to be made, so let’s make a down payment on restoring our nation to a balanced budget and leaner government.”

Brady believes that every federal agency and program, including ones he supports, can operate more efficiently. “Our economy won’t grow until businesses and families have some faith that Washington will get their finances in order. I recognize that these are serious savings so I expect serious opposition – but there can be no sacred cows. If someone objects to these cuts then I expect them to substitute another savings of equal or greater value. We simply can’t allow these dangerous deficits to continue.”