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For several weeks readers have been sending photos to MCPR of almost 200 horses which were in very bad condition. Last October officials visited Calico Dairy on League Line Road and walked through the facility. After all the complaints another visit was done Tuesday by Montgomery County Constables Office Precinct 5 Livestock Officer , law enforcement and the County Attorney’s Office along with the District Attorneys Office. Brett Ligon himself and his investigators came out and after talking with the owner and seeing the conditions went to work. They were up most of Tuesday night putting a plan together. The Houston SPCA was contacted and agreed to come in and assist of moving the reported close to 180 horses.

The Dairy started out as a horse ranch until several years ago when the owner decided to start his dairy farm. It was at that point several have said that the horse situation started getting bad.

Last weekend several female workers convinced the owner to allow them to have one of the colts which was in very poor condition. Before going home with the little colt they went to a vet . The vet agreed the colt was very malnourished and had been starved. A colt a birth averages 90 pounds. This colt was 3 months old and weighed 90 pounds, half of what it should have weighed.

The vet, Dr. Buchanan, of the Brazos Equine Clinic said the colts GI tract was not able to process the glucose. This is consistent with the re-feeding syndrome and occurs when a patient who has been starved has been given food. It was initially seen in humans in WWII when prisoners of war were returned home. It is not a common condition in veterinary patients, except those who have been exposed to prolonged calorie restriction or starvation. If he had a mare to nurse, it is unlikely she was producing enough milk.

Doctor Buchanan continued in his statement  saying .” This colt appears to have been starved to the point of death.








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