Wednesday, September 27, 2023


Just after 2am Harris County Sheriff’s Office responded to a reported shooting at Q-Stix Sports Club on FM 1960 West at Ella Blvd. When they arrived they found at least one female victim who was transported by Cypress Creek EMS to the Hospital. Deputies felt there were more victims due to the amount of blood in the club. A short time later they were notified another shooting victim showed up in a private vehicle from the club at Houston Northwest Medical Center.  THen a short time later they were notified another shooting victim showed up at Memorial Hermann Woodlands from the club.

At this time Harris County  Sheriff’s Deputies are on the scene awaiting the arrival of detectives.


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  1. Vo1 it’s an attention thing. You make it about you instead of the actual article. You target people, instead of facts in the article. It’s ok, some people need attention. We get it.

  2. If you don’t like my opinions then don’t read and respond to my opinions. Typical tea baggers, make racist comments then back them up with “I’m not racist you’re the racist”. Whatever. As for the meeting in public comments tough guy well that’s just asinine. I am entitled to my views as much as you are so grow up and stop trying to keep the argument going.

  3. VoiceofOne you know what, if you cant say something nice just don’t make comments. People don’t like you or your comments. Personally to me, your quick to supposing Conoe911 is racist. He is making comments on the incident that is reported. What’s your beef with that? As a Montgomery County resident I respect the law and those up holding the law, I expect that you do the same. Voice listen to me when I say “grow some”. If you gottem then don’t hide behind your computer.

  4. I’m not racist in fact I was married to a black lady, and she was beautiful like a model. To that point she was a model for Miller Lite and Academy. What I need to say requires VoiceOfOne’s attention. STOP all your blaming everybody of whatever especially Conroe911. I am sick and tired of reading your comments Voice. I am speaking out on the behalf of community please stop for you sake, Conroe911 is a good person in this community. As for you, I hope I never meet you in a public place.

    • I’ll see if I can remember this episode correctly so here goes….

      Drifter’s sitting at the bar when what could be a Rosie Grier clone walks in and sits on two adjacent stools. I’m minding my own business when he leans in and states, “I like kissing white women.” Didn’t think he was addressing me so I ignored him. He then leans in even closer and mentions, “I said, I like kissing white women!” Imagine for a moment me being a smart ass and turning my head towards him between sips and responding, “I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t kiss a black woman either.” My next clear thoughts after that were I’m sure my teeth are here somewhere here in this dumpster.

      The racists out there will be offend by this tale. Normal folk will read it as simply a sad reflection on the human condition. (Not sure what that last sentence means but it do sound so philosophical.)

  5. I just hope those officers in the picture don`t get arrested for police abuse for putting that punk on the ground and arresting him!
    Very likely to happen these days.

    Great job guys!!

  6. You can dip a turd in chocolate but that doesn’t make it a candy bar. It was a racist comment. You meant it to be a veiled racist comment and you got called out on it. Guess you shouldn’t be expected to have guts enough to own it.

  7. I agree with Conroe911, voiceofone you should direct your comments toward the bad guys. Not toward the fine people that try help others. Conroe911 has only made positive comments in that state the facts, you on the other hand make childish comments, voiceofone.

  8. I said exactly what I meant

    Facts are facts. And the fact that there are hundreds of young people killed every weekend in the the majority of our big cities across this great nation is a disgrace and it’s a shame. Regardless of my occupation or your opinion that I’m pathetic does not change the fact that it’s a tragedy.
    Just because you sit back and call me a racist doesn’t make it so. You’ve made it clear on this site that your judgement is lacking in reality. You fall back to name calling like a 5th grader in a pathetic attempt to shut down conversations by many other members on this awesome site MCPR.
    Some of us read an article and comment on it based on opinion of that subject. Based on some of your comments you go straight to our comments not knowing anything about the article.
    Maybe your a 16 year old spoiled little girl that’ll grow up one day or your just really like this. ive got no clue.

    Either way I hope you get some help.

  9. Say what you really mean. It’s ok. We all know that you’re a racist. What you are implying is that it’s because of black folks or otherwise you wouldn’t have brought up Baltimore. I hope for the public’s sake you aren’t really involved with the police, ems or fire services because you’re pathetic.

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