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Paul Broussard a 27 year-old banker was beaten and stabbed to death in a gay-bashing outside a Houston nightclub on July 4, 1991 by ten teens. The group drove from the Woodlands to Montrose solely as it was said, “beat up some queers”, as one of the teens admitted.

Broussard and two friends were walking across the parking lot of the club when the three were approached by the ten teens known as “The Woodlands Ten”. Chance Dillion, age 22 was the oldest of the group. All of the group except Dillion attended McCullough High School.

The group pulled up in two vehicles which they traveled in and asked Broussard for directions to Heaven, a local club on Hyde Street  in the Montrose area. When they were given directions the exited the vehicles and attacked the three kicking them, beating them with fists and two-by-fours with nails protruding.

Two of the three were able to escape, one with minor injuries but the ten surrounded Broussard on a dead-end street.Broussard suffered puncture wounds, broken ribs, three stab wounds along with multiple other injuries. He later died at Ben Taub Hospital.

The only thing taken from Broussard was a pocket comb as a souvenir one of the group stated later.

Jon C. Buice, 17 turned himself in later in the week. He was charged with Broussards murder plea bargained to a 45-year sentence. He is the last of the group that were sentenced to prison to be granted parole today. He was originally eligible for parole in July of 2003. When he was sentenced the law was a bit different. With the finding of a weapon you had to serve one-quarter of your sentence. Today’s law you must serve one-half your sentence before being eligible for parole. He is currently in the Wallace unit of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice in Colorado City, Texas.

Last month Broussards mother Nancy Rodriguez appealed to the parole board to keep Buice, who has only served 20 of the 45-year sentence in prison.

Paul Dillion, who was already on probation in Montgomery County for burglary was the last of the group to be sentenced. In January 1994 he was given 20-years.

Leandro E. Ramirez, 19; Jamie Aguirre, 21; and Javier Aguirre, 19—pleaded guilty and were given 15-years and one day in TDC.

Gayland Earl Randle, 19; Jeffery Valentine, 19; Derrick Attard, 19; Brian Douglas Spake, 18; Raphael G. Gonzalez, 20—were each given 10-years probation.

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