Just before 9 pm a motorist called 911 and reported a white Ford Superduty pickup pulling a trailer with a “dune buggy” on it. The driver reported they were westbound in the construction area of State Highway 242, between I-69 and FM 1485. They stated the driver of the truck was failing to maintain a lane and driving dangerously in the 45 mph construction zone. A Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputy was able to locate the vehicle and stop it on SH 242 near FM 1485. He then requested a DWI Certified Officer to the scene. The driver of the vehicle did have an open beer between his legs and appeared nervous. A Montgomery County Precinct 4 DWI Certified Deputy responded to the scene and performed a field sobriety test. He determined that the driver was impaired but by possibly something besides alcohol. The driver who is identified as Ed Oliver Jr., a Defensive Tackle for the Buffalo Bills and former player for the University of Houston. He was transported to Kingwood Hospital for a mandatory blood draw and then transported to the Montgomery County Jail where charges of driving while intoxicated were filed in addition charges of unlawfully carrying a weapon were filed. A search of his vehicle discovered a pistol but no drugs.

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  1. Michael

    Why was the possession of a firearm in his truck unlawful? Has he had a felony conviction previously or something?

    But here we go yet again, another deadly moron operating a motor vehicle on our public highway system putting the public in danger…. and all he’ll get is a little slap-on-the-wrist for it most likely. If it were up to me his vehicle and trailer and toy would be confiscated and sold at auction and his driver’s license revoked for LIFE, in addition to some prison time! Also I’m thinking possibly tattoo “MORON!” to his forehead, maybe. Just saying, the laws are far to lax when it comes to people driving impaired such as this moron! Just watch, he probably will get community service and a 60 day suspension of his license at most. It boils my blood I tell you! 😐

    1. ftooley

      The possession charge was, because in Texas it is illegal to possess a firearm in the commission of a crime. So because he was committing DWI, the firearm became against State law.

  2. Jstar

    So this guy gets 2 bonds..$600 and $750 respectfully for a dwi and unlawful carry..whereas another has less than 2 oz mj and has a 5k bond with no prior…who woulda thunk the sports dude gets off easy 😒😡

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