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Burglary Suspect Killed by Homeowner Identified


On April 24, 2015, the Sheriff’s Office reported a case where a suspected burglar was shot by a homeowner in the Camilla Bottoms. The gunshot victim is identified as NICHOLAS WAYNE “NICK” STANLEY, WM 39, of Trinity, Texas. Lt. Tracy Shipley and Sergeant Anthony Whitten are continuing the investigation.


Original info from SJCSO:

Suspected Burglar Shot Dead in Camilla Bottoms
On April 23, 2015, at approximately 3am, a resident on Martinez Street below the Lake Livingston Dam was awakened by loud sounds emanating from his neighbor’s property next door to his. The resident took a handgun and flashlight outside to investigate the noises. As the resident approached the garage he observed a white male crawling out from under the garage door. The resident called for the male to stop, however, the male ignored the resident and the male lunged. The resident fired one shot in the direction of the suspect, however, the resident lost sight of the suspect. The resident went to check the building and discovered the suspect had been shot and was down between the buildings. The resident went back to his home and called 911.
The Sheriff’s Office Detective Bureau is investigating the incident. Justice of the Peace Beth Sewell ordered an autopsy of the deceased male. Identification of the suspect has not been verified at this time. The case will be referred to the Grand Jury without charges.


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