June 30, 2022 9:01 pm





This weekend started out on a solemn note as my best friend Robin Lumley Harcrow, myself Monica Hughes Tollefson and our children headed out on a road trip to Dickinson,Texas from Bearden, Arkansas for a memorial service for a young man named Garrett. We had two teenage “special needs” children with us on the trip and it was quite taxing to say the least. It was 6 p.m. this (Monday) evening June 29, 2015 as we headed home back to Arkansas. We were stopped at the “Love’s” truck stop outside of Cleveland,Texas when you walked in. The children had been arguing for two hours straight and had lost their video games for a timeout. As we approached the counter to pay for our drinks Trent decided that he and my daughter needed to pray and apologize for their behavior. So we all joined hands, right there in the middle of “Love’s” truck stop, us two moms and our special needs kids, Trent and Debra Kay. We all bowed our heads as Trent prayed his heart out asking forgiveness for their behavior…and as he put it-it was the “ultimate pray”. You stood behind us in your cowboy hat, sleeveless button up shirt and blue jeans. You smiled the whole time that we were praying. You laughed and said “that’s a sweet kid you got there”… As we were getting back into the vehicle to head back out on our road trip home we turned around to see you standing there with your cowboy hat in your hand and you asked if you could give your cowboy hat to Trent. Trent looked at you and smiled and asked you if the hat was old and you told him “it had been through a lot of rodeos”. You smiled and quietly went back into the store. I walked back into the store and asked you if we could capture the moment in a picture and of course you agreed. We were total strangers to you and yet you gave a piece of yourself to a little boy, a little boy that you didn’t know….a little boy that has autism, a little boy that never meets a stranger but also a little boy that is sometimes isolated in this world because people shun away from him and dont want to be bothered because of his disabilities. What you also didn’t know was this whole weekend just about everybody that we encountered from Walmart workers to gas station attendants had been rude to him every time he tried to engage with them… but yet you treated him like he was an old friend.

Matthew 18:20 says “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them”… When we prayed God was there! He sent an angel today…an angel named “Jesse” with a cowboy hat…

So I’m asking that everyone share this post and hopefully it will reach the cowboy named Jesse so that he will know the difference he made to a little autistic boy named “Trent”….

Cowboy “Jesse” if you see this post please contact me (Monica Hughes Tollefson) or Robin Lumley Harcrow (Trent’s mom) (on facebook)