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Canoe trip uncovers stolen vehicle in The Woodlands

By Foster McNair
Courtesy of Montgomery County Monitor

The Woodlands, Texas – Late Thursday morning The Woodlands Fire Department and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office responded to Creekwood Park Pond located near the intersection of South Panther Creek and Glen Loch Drive in The Woodlands, Texas. Emergency crews responded to the area when Girl Scouts attending summer camp located a submerged SUV during a canoe outing in the pond.

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Canoe Instructor, Melanie Pace, says the Girl Scouts claimed they saw a submerged vehicle during previous canoe outings earlier in the week.

Pace commented, “We didn’t think that there could really be a car here…”

However, Pace said on Wednesday she went out in a canoe herself and confirmed it was indeed a submerged vehicle.

Thinking the vehicle could have been intentionally placed in the pond, possibly as a fish habitat, no one made authorities aware of the vehicle until Thursday when camp supervisors alerted a Woodlands Park Ranger in the area.

Woodlands Fire Department personnel paddled out and attached a hook to the submerged vehicle. This allowed a local wrecker operator to winch the vehicle towards the shoreline. The attached hook had to be repositioned during the extraction process. This required the wrecker operator to dive under the surface of the water to reattach the hook before the vehicle was finally removed from the pond.

Lt. Andrew Eason of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office said a stolen vehicle report was filed on the SUV with Precinct 3 Constable in 2005.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Auto Theft Task Force will continue this investigation.

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