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Posted: 14.7.2011 1:13

Career Criminal Gets Life

A jury in the 435th District Court of Judge Michael Seiler took only 30 minutes to reach a verdict on Wednesday in the trial of a Houston man accused of robbing a local bank. Charston Louis Meachum, 29, was convicted on six counts of Aggravated Robbery, which included one count for each person he threatened with a gun during the incident. The jury deliberated for only 23 minutes before sentencing Meachum to life in prison.

Lead prosecutor Cindy Pulcher said Meachum already served three prison terms and was on parole at the time of the Conroe robbery. Additionally, Meachum has pending charges for the April 2010 robbery of a Harris County jewelry store, she said.

On the morning of September 22, 2010, Meacham and two other masked men entered the Kroger store in the 22300 block of South Loop 336, which is home to a First National Bank branch location. According to original reports, two of the armed trio went to the bank area displaying weapons, while a third man may have acted as a lookout.

Pulcher said something apparently panicked the men in the middle of the robbery and they fled from the store without any cash. Their first vehicle was a van, but they soon switched to a BMW which they drove south at a high rate of speed before crashing and fleeing on foot into some woods in the Shenandoah area.

Conroe Police and multiple other agencies converged on the area. Officers took Meachum into custody and collected articles of clothing a few feet from where they found him. Pulcher said Meachum’s DNA was found on the clothing, which could be seen in surveillance video from the robbery location.

Two additional suspects, Reginald Adams and Norman Adams, are awaiting trial and a third man faces possible charges for acting as the “getaway driver,” Pulcher said. She praised the efforts of the Conroe Police Department, including Detectives Ricky Cathey, Eddie Davis and Ben Mitchell.

“All of them have worked extremely hard to bring these men to justice,” Pulcher said.

She also praised the contributions of fellow prosecutor Amanda Webb, who assisted in the trial, which began on Monday.

Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon said he too was pleased with the trial’s outcome.

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