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Case illustrates importance of controlling one’s temper

NEW CANEY- Some people learn things the hard way, and police say an East Montgomery County woman is one of them.

Angie Renee Dickens, 34, is accused of leaving a threatening message for a clerk in the office of Pct. 4 Justice of the Peace James Metts.

It seemed like a good idea at the time…

Metts said the trouble began when Dickens was scheduled to appear in court and face off with her landlord in an eviction proceeding. Apparently, Dickens and her landlord reached an agreement prior to the court date, and Dickens called about an hour before the court session was scheduled to begin. She left a message informing the clerk that the issue was settled and she would not be in court.

Metts said it appears the issue was, in fact, settled. Dickens’ landlord was also absent from the hearing.

For some reason, Dickens was so angry that the clerk had not returned her call that she called a second time and left a profane message threatening the clerk, Metts said.

Timing is everything

Around 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, deputies with the Pct. 4 Constable’s Office went to Dickens’ residence, warrant in hand, to take her into custody for the threatening message.

Deputy Ricky Ford said they arrived to find Dickens and her husband in the process of moving out of the doublewide mobile home, with the help of friend who was driving a Budget rental truck.

Obviously, Dickens was going to jail and would not be available to complete the moving process until sometime the next day at best. But, her husband and their friend could probably handle the job. Unless…

Birds of a feather

Turns out, the Budget rental truck was reported stolen from Conroe about two months earlier, according to Pct. 4 Lt. Mark Seals. The truck was rented with an ID and credit card reported stolen from a woman in West Texas, Seals said. Dickens’ helpful friend was also arrested.

Dickens was charged with “terroristic threat” and Bryan Michael Krieger, 31, of New Caney was charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

Public Data shows both Dickens and Krieger had prior convictions related to illegal drugs and driving offenses. The records show Dickens was sentenced to three years probation in September 2007 for manufacture / delivery of a controlled substance.

There is no word on whether Dickens’ husband managed to finish the move Wednesday night. If he did, it was without the Budget box truck.

Add one more to the ‘zero tolerance’ list

Judge Metts said the incident was disturbing and he hoped Dickens’ arrest sent a message to others.

“We conduct all of our business in a professional manner and we expect those dealing with this court to do likewise,” Metts said. “We will not tolerate inappropriate language or behavior directed toward our staff.”

Metts said his office appreciated the efforts of Hayden and his staff, who took swift action to resolve the matter.

Hayden said he was proud of his staff’s handling of the case and added that anyone who commits such an offense in Pct. 4 should be prepared to go to jail.

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