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chase from splendora results in shots fired

Just after 4:30 a.m. this morning Splendora Police were running radar on US 59 north bound when a red Ford F-150 truck passed the unit at close to 100 mph. The Splendora unit gave pursuit north bound toward Cleveland. As they came into Cleveland the pickup exited South Washington then turned under the freeway.

It was at that point the suspect vehicle turned northbound on the southbound feeder and then entered the freeway in the wrong direction. The pursuit continued north toward Shepherd crossing SH 105 and FM 2025, still in the wrong lane.

Just north of FM 2025 they made a u-turn and crossed the median into the north bound lanes. He then accelerated to over 80 mph going south in the northbound lane running at deputies head-on. One deputy was forced off the road into a bridge wall . The driver continued south in the northbound lanes attempting to strike Liberty County Sgt. Slaughter and then Captain Evans head-on. Evans fired on the vehicle striking it at least once. The vehicle crossed the grass median onto the feeder and went back north bound to SH 105. As he turned under the freeway his vehicle shut down due to damage.

The F-150 truck was displaying license plates belonging on a Chevy Impala. The truck was stolen from Alabama.

Two suspects were taken into custody.  They have been identified as Earley, Dennis (driver) and Parsons, Paullette (passenger) both of Birmingham, Alabama.  Mr. Earley has been charged with three counts of Aggravated Assault on a Public Servant with a Deadly Weapon.  Ms. Parsons was placed under arrest for a misdemeanor offense with additional charges pending in reference to the theft of the motor vehicle which Mr. Parsons was operating at the time of this dangerous incident.  Neither suspect  was struck by gunfire.  Both suspects remain in custody without bond at the Liberty County Jail.




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  1. Funny that you say that.. Crack.. Meth samething!! Dennis was my ex of 3 years he was a drunk thats why I left him.. He just recently got out of prison Aug 10 where he was drinking and driving causing his
    best.friend to die.. Somehow he was released on parole not to leave AL now this lol.. Just last month he got caught drinking and driving with her putting him in jail after he found her smoking crack(his story) karma always gets ya!! He did enough to the ppl that cared about him most to spend the rest of his life there!! Js

  2. Normally I’d empathize with the ‘suspect’, just because I’ve had some serious miscarriages of justice done me by the precinct 4 officers…but this guy really does deserve to fry. Not only did he endanger the officers, people seem to miss the fact that he was driving against traffic on an interstate. That endangered a lot more lives than just the officers.

    Lock ’em up and throw away the key!

  3. You can run but you cant hide and you cant outrun the radios in cop cars!Hope they give you the MAX for endangering the fine officers that are here to protect and serve our community. Good job officers.

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