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On Monday, October 26, 2015, at 11 am Samantha Supkow was operating a 2006 Ford Expedition traveling eastbound in the 2900 block of E. FM 1960. Elias Currier Jr. was operating a 2007 Suzuki GSX-R750 traveling westbound in the outside lane of the 2900 block of E. FM 1960 at a high rate of speed. Supkow made a left turn onto the 300 block of Moonshine Hill Loop Rd. and crossed the oncoming path of the Suzuki who she likely did not see due to his high rate of speed. The front of the Suzuki struck the right rear quarter panel of the Ford causing the Ford to rotate clockwise. Currier went into the vehicle, his helmet struck a four-year old child sitting in the back seat with two other siblings all in child safety seats.  Currier was transported by Lifeflight to Memorial Hermann Hospital in critical condition. A four year old occupant of the Ford was transported to Northeast Medical Center by Atascocita EMS where he was transported by Lifeflight to Memorial Hermann Hospital in critical condition.

On Tuesday, October 27, 2015, the four year old male, Zander Ortega, died while at Memorial Hermann Hospital from injuries sustained during the crash. This case remains under investigation by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, Traffic Enforcement Division.

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  1. Yeah yeah yeah I’m cruel and ignorant.
    Thank y’all I appreciate it. Points were made just wait until the investigation is over and all is settled then we will see. Meanwhile lets just pray for the families.

  2. The article says CROSSED the oncoming path of the Suzuki. She did not see the bike because of the likely hood of him speeding.

    The incident is horrible no doubt. It’s tragic I’m a daddy as well. I could not imagine losing a child much less my actions being a part of the death. As I said before my prayers go out to both families for the loss. But that doesn’t change the facts or the event.
    I have seen good people make split second mistakes and it tear the world apart for them. In this case unfortunately I think with the speed of the bike and that should cost him as it is and the failure to control both contributed to this senseless accident.
    We all make these type of mistakes this time the worst thing happened.
    Me like others on this site give our selves to serve this county and our country. So cruel???
    I don’t think so sweet britches just my opinion.

    • Read the whole sentence. She was TAKING A LEFT TURN. You are just showing your ignorance. I was not her fault. Article states also that 11 AM when it was actually 1:50PM. You get on here only to judge people from what you hear without knowing the facts.

  3. Conroe911 how cruel of you to blame the victim’s grieving mother and by extension, the grandmother whose post is previous to yours! How did you determine that making a left turn to be failing to maintain her lane, causing death of child and critically injuring another? Are you an investigator with HCSO that you’re privvy to confidential information not disclosed to the public? Because the above stated information gives indication of that the motorcycle rider contributed to the risk factors of the crash.

  4. I wonder if the driver of the suv will get jail time for negligence?

    She failed to maintain her own lane causing the accident that caused a death in the child and critically injured another person.

    Trustyneighbor there are hundreds if not thousands of hours of crash test with every scenario including angle of impact and speed test. Plus the well documented reports done post MVA by LE that is compiled by DOT to create confirm able investigation results.
    There is always exceptions but I think LE and investigators get it right.

    When all the monies are paid and investigations are done this little child is still dead for no reason. I pray for the families loss and the scooter driver.

    • The driver was turning and as fast as the motorcycle was going all the way down 1960 ( several Witnesses that how we know) he was not there when she started the turn. She has kids in car seats and tried to do it all correctly. So how she failed to maintain her lane, I don’t understand. She was turning and was in the clear until this guy zoomed around a car. Not fair of you to blame when you don’t know the circumstances.

  5. trustyneighbor you have no idea. I am the drivers mother. IF, you had half a brain you would know there is no way in the world she could have seen a bike traveling over 100MPH and still have him hit the rear tire/window of the vehicle where my grandson was sitting. If she turned into him at over 100MPH he would have hit the front end. If you calculate that would have made him traveling 116 feet per second so even 5 seconds before she made a legal turn he was 806 feet away. So tell me who was wrong!!

  6. Sounds like the truck who turned in front of motorcycle was at fault. What a tragedy. Always pay attention to your surroundings. I’d like to know how they know the motorcycle was traveling at a high rate of speed.

    • As I stated earlier, the motorcycle was going very fast- it was witnessed by many. So he was not in her path when she turned, he zoomed around a slower car and he hit her just as she was finishing her turn. I just love how people get on here when they don’t have a clue and assume it is the Mothers fault. Kids were in seat belts and had to be cut free. So this was not the mothers fault, it was clear when she started her turn. The problem is all the drivers of the sport bikes think they are untouchable, they pop wheelies, they race and sew up traffic going back and forth in between cars at a very fast pace. Was there an investigation? Yes, it did not clear until late in the evening and this happened at a little before 2.

    • Let see how do they know the motorcycle was riding at a high rate of speed…the plastic motorcycle Suzuki gsx-r750 weighs 360 lbs and it hit a SUV that weighs 5,400 to 5,600 lbs not only caved in the back quarter of the SUV but hit the SUV with so much force that it rotate the large SUV to the left….basically a 360 lb object spun a 5,000+ lb object there only one way this happen… The bike with no doubt was at a very high rate of speed…..and in United States if you are driving over the post speed limit sign by 20 mph you are consider reckless driving and is not just a fine but go to jail. Its the law. And the motorcycle had to do well over well over that speed to do the damage that was done. However I would not want to be the officer that has to decide who was right and wrong in this case.. The mother yes made a left turn across traffic. However the motorcycle had been doing speed limit and driving on left size of his lane where bike is suppose to ride not on the right size of lane … Then this horrible accident would not have happen at all. The motorcycle hit the lady’s SUV at the end of her turn…not the beginning not the middle ….the end…. He should have had plenty of time to have seen the Large SUV and been able to slow down to or move over to left part of his lane….witnesses say he was whip in out of traffic nc when he came out round the one car BAM it was to late… So it caught him by surprise and he had no time at the rate of speed he was going… This was not this kids first motorcycle accident, he should know better than to speed…but either way it’s all sad a child lost forever, he might have been the diamond to make this world better, and another one may never be the same. Everything happens for a reason heres a beautiful new angel and hope the other has learned a lesson that speeding on a motorcycle and whip through traffic came at a ultimate price

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