Tuesday, May 28, 2024


Sgt. Investigator Josh Cummings advises he was notified by the hospital that little two (2) year old DRAKE NOBLES passed away Tuesday at approximately 6:pm . The investigation is still on-going however at this point, nothing more is known other than what was originally reported. .


At 3:47pm today, a frantic “911” call came into the Liberty County dispatcher with both a male and female voice screaming about a 2 year old little boy that had drowned. Due to the frantic nature of the caller(s) only the address of 2007 CR 605 could be obtained and Deputy James McQueen was dispatched to that location. Upon his arrival, family members and friends told Deputy McQueen that the mother and father had left the scene and was taking their child to he local hospital by private auto.

Deputy started for the Liberty/Dayton hospital but found the parents at the intersection of Hwy. 90 and Waco St. with the Dayton Volunteer Fire Department personnel performing CPR on the child. Shortly thereafter, Liberty County EMS arrived and continued the process until Life Flight arrived and transported the child to Herman Memorial hospital in Houston. The child’s condition is undetermined at this time.

Sgt. Josh Cummins, lead investigator, briefly interviewed the distraught parents and according to them, the adults and children had been at a family bar-b-q and swimming in a 3’ deep, above ground plastic swimming pool. After swimming, everyone got out of the pool and the ladder being used for access to the pool, was removed and taken away from the pool side. The step-father, Dylan Hill, was with other men around the bar-b-pit while the child’s mother, Emma Drake, was in the house with other family members. Somehow, the small child managed to get back into the pool without the use of the ladder or without anyone seeing him get in. However, one of the members, and who is unknown at this time, found the little boy under water in the pool and pulled him out. It was at this point the frantic call to the Sheriff’s Department took place and he parents attempted to drive their child to the hospital by private auto.

As of this writing, Sgt. Cummins is in route to Herman Hospital to obtain more details and the investigation is still underway.

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