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Child Predator Arrested Again

Many were outraged when District 9 Judge Kelly Case sentenced Jon Thomas Russo, a.k.a. Morocco Mole, to probation last month after Russo pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree felony online solicitation of a minor. Friday, almost exactly one month later, Russo landed back in jail.

The 45-year-old Humble resident was arrested in July 2013 after a sting operation for online solicitation of minors. Russo chatted several times with undercover officers while under the impression that they were minors, and made arrangements to meet one of them for sex. He was later released on bond. Less than a year after his first arrest, which had not yet gone to trial, Russo was again arrested after attempting to make arrangements to meet a minor for sex. His second arrest occurred May 13, 2014 and since his bond was set at $100,000, he remained in jail until last month when he got the deal of a lifetime.

On March 25, 2015, Russo appeared with attorney John Venza before Judge Kelly Case and was freed from jail with a sentence of 10 years’ probation.  Conroe Police arrested Russo Friday for violating his probation and as of this writing, he remains held in the Montgomery County Jail.



Check back for updates on this case…

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  1. Well if he free he can be beaten shot or ??? By a parent of a child this f*$k is attempting to take advantage of. Different ways of looking at it I assume. I know what I would do and it’s LEGAL!

  2. Actually, you can blame the Woodlands Tea Partiers (Baggers) for promoting this idiot during election time. They failed to properly vet him as a candidate before trumpeting his accolades to all the rich honkies up there who thought they needed people like him in office because Obama was going to take our guns and declare martial law. Their tinfoil hats blocked common sense.

  3. All of his rulings are for the criminal, with no regard for the law and no matter how vile. Not only should he be pulled from the bench, but lose his license for a lifetime. Give Case life!

  4. Un-friggin-believable! EXCUSE me Judge, but are you leaking brain fluid?! Care to explain to us PARENTS what you were thinking??

    I personally feel that you ought to get booted off the bench- if nothing else, for putting our children at risk AND for being a complete idiot.

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