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SANCHEZ,ROGELIOA concerned citizen reached out to Montgomery County Precinct 4 officials through social media on Monday and got results in the form of the arrest of a wanted felon he said was creating a nuisance in his Porter neighborhood.

The Facebook message, sent to Justice of the Peace James Metts, said the Timberland subdivision resident “hated to bother” the judge, but was very “frustrated,” that someone he referred to by his street name “Chivo the Thug” was “harassing the whole neighborhood.” The message further indicated that some residents were reaching the point of considering taking the law into their own hands, but they were making a final plea for help.

Judge Metts responded and advised the resident against taking any action, saying he would forward the message to Constable Kenneth “Rowdy” Hayden. The Judge immediately sent the message to the constable, who recognized the alias as that of 18-year-old Rogelio Sanchez who lives on Timberland Blvd. Turns out Sanchez had an active felony warrant, setting aside bond.

A Pct. 4 Deputy Constable went to Sanchez’s residence and placed him in custody. He is now in the Montgomery County Jail.

Judge Metts praised Constable Hayden quickly action was taken, not only looking into the matter, but following up with an arrest.

“When I forwarded the message to Constable Hayden, I knew he would take an interest, but I believe the speed at which this citizen’s concerns were addressed is a true testament to how responsive his agency is to the needs of East County residents,” Judge Metts said.

Constable Hayden was also pleased with the outcome.

“This goes to show the positive side of social media,” Constable Hayden said. “This resident’s message spelled out exactly how desperate the situation was becoming – that normally law abiding citizens were considering taking matters into their own hands.”

“Fortunately, that didn’t happen and as a result, the right person is in jail tonight and the residents of Timberland now know law enforcement is listening and trying to help,” he said. “It isn’t always this easy, and it isn’t always this fast, but we do always make an effort because we care – that’s why Judge Metts is here and that’s why I’m here.”

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