June 30, 2022 9:19 am


CISD Police Making Deliveries

The holidays are supposed to be special and happy time, but for those already struggling to provide their children with basic necessities, the holidays can multiply their stress. The Cleveland Independent School District Police Department, under the leadership of Chief Rex Evans, reached out to several such families in their district this year.

Last week, Chief Evans and his officers personally sorted, loaded and delivered dry goods (non-refrigerated and non-perishable grocery items) to the homes of some very grateful recipients.

“Every now and then, we get to do something genuinely helpful to those we serve, not just enforce the law,” Chief Evans said.

For Evans, the act of kindness was not a new experience. He did the same thing as a Boy Scout for around nine years, collecting and delivering food at Thanksgiving and toys, bicycles, and games at Christmas. He considers himself blessed and humbled to be part of helping people in need, as he continues to proudly wear a badge.

“This is why I still love to do this job,” Chief Evans said. “I have so much to be thankful for.”


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