Tuesday, November 28, 2023


A normal traffic stop on Hwy 59 Thursday night led to the seizure of 24 pounds of marijuana worth approximately $40,000. Around 10:30 p.m. Officer Paul Young stopped a 2012 Jeep Liberty in the 1000 Block of Hwy 59.

As Young approached the passenger side of the vehicle he detected the odor of burning marijuana and saw small pieces of marijuana and burnt ashes on the shirt of the passenger of the vehicle.

The driver who was identified as Roxanne Sam of Houston only had a Texas identification card. Sam was asked to step out the vehicle to speak with Young. When asked about the odor of marijuana, Sam admitted to just smoking a marijuana cigarette.

When the passenger, who was identified as Kadesha Sims of Houston, was asked about the odor of marijuana, she first denied having any, and then voluntarily removed a marijuana cigar from under her shirt. Sims was asked to step out of the vehicle and Young asked if she had any more marijuana on her person and she pulled a small plastic baggie from inside the crotch area of her pants containing marijuana and handed it to Young.

Both Sims and Sam had conflicting stories of where they were going and neither of their names was on the vehicle’s rental agreement. Upon further investigation Young noticed the cap on the 2012 Jeep spare tire release had been removed and none of four tires and wheels on the vehicle appeared to be a spare. When Young checked the spare tire under the vehicle he found a much larger wheel and tire and written in ink on the wheel was “Ford Wheel”. These types of markings are commonly found on used or salvaged wheels.

Once Young removed the spare tire from the vehicle he then removed the valve stem and the air coming from inside the tire had the strong odor of raw marijuana. Young, assisted by Troopers with the Texas Highway Patrol were able to cut the tire from the rim and recover 44 bundles of marijuana wrapped in clear plastic weighing 24 pounds.

Both Sims and Sam were taken into custody and transported to the Cleveland Police Department Jail for booking. Both suspects were charged with felony possession of marijuana.

“The Cleveland Police Department would like to recognize and express gratitude to the Texas Highway Patrol for the assistance they provide our officers on a regular basis,” said Cleveland Police Chief Mark Bradshaw.




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  1. OK!!! Alot of the things that I just said, were taken off of here…. I said, anyone that drinks and drives, texts and drives and does drugs and drives, should go to jail…. The constitutional rights that you all beleive in, should not be enforced!! You have no rights!!! WHAT SO EVER!!! If you do these things, I believe that you should go to jail. NO QUESTIONS ASKED, STRAIGHT TO JAIL, DO NOT PASS GO!!!!!!!!!

  2. I, personally think that all people that do or sell drugs, should be taken off the street!!! GOOD for them and the find. I also believe that something should be done about the meth house that is down my road!!!!Meth heads and drug addicts are bad news and should be taken down!! before children die because of their actions. All druggies should go to prison and stay there. CUDOS to DPS and the CPD!!!!

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