Saturday, July 20, 2024


Early Friday morning TXDOT started placing ROAD CLOSED signs along FM 1485. The first was at Loop 494, another at Roadway and still another before the San Jacinto River. At the river barricades are across the road with a TXDOT crew keeping watch over it. The San Jacinto River has continued to rise since noon. A stick placed along the road at noon is 18 inches into the water at 5 pm. The water is rushing across the road. Even with that motorists are ignoring the signs and driving up to the barricades. One driver driving a pickup and pulling a tractor challenged TXDOT workers saying he could make it across. He too was turned around.

The roads close by are flooded also. New Caney Fire Department and Montgomery County Precinct 4 Swift Water Rescue Team evacuated several residents who wanted to leave but were unable to.

The same for the Plum Grove and Splendora area. The FM 2090 bridge and approaches seem well out of the water, however roads near it are not fairing as well. New Caney Fire Department and Plum Grove Fire Department worked at evacuating several homes on County Road 361.

With rain to continue for the next week is is early to tell what the river will do. The San Jacinto below Conroe has dropped since this morning as the East Fork rises.

FM 1485 is expected to be closed through the weekend. Residents are asked to watch the river levels near their homes,





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