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Colony Ridge ‘illegal immigrant’ town springs up in Texas as local developer sells border crossers property ‘without asking them for documentation – with FOUR cartels now operating there’

A Texas developer has been accused of creating a sprawling illegal migrant town by selling off land to border crossers without asking for any paperwork.

William ‘Trey’ Harris sells plots at Colony Ridge by allowing buyers to purchase land without the need to prove income or credit, it is alleged.

Critics say the scheme – around 20 miles northeast of Downtown Houston – has drawn in thousands of illegal migrants, as well as cartel activity.

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  1. Colony ridge with such a horrible reputation, it now has been divesting properties into employee owned company names so the public will be duped. Colony ridge and Vast Land enterprise are connected.

  2. When elected again, President Trump has vowed to use The Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 as President Eisenhower did to deport people illegally in our country. Colony Ridge will be a gathering point for 70+ thousand of them and some of the worst of them at that.

  3. I see Colony Ridge’s lawyer is claiming these allegations are unsubstantiated.

    As a resident bordering this cesspool, I can assure you they are true. The surrounding areas have always been quiet, relatively safe, and there was a sense of community.

    Now, the crime is out of control. Near total lawlessness, there is loud music, gunfire, stray animals dumped, garbage everywhere, vehicle break ins, and as anyone who reads the local crime reports knows- murders and assaults.

    These men openly gawk at and follow our pre teen daughters, and members of the community are scared to even let them walk down the street to their friend’s house for fear of them being kidnapped. We shouldn’t have to live in fear as Americans.

    Anyone who reads the arrest reports for the area knows that a large percentage of the arrests in the neighboring Montgomery County are residents of this Colony Ridge development, or it’s sister development- King’s Colony, the original crap hole.

    There are illegals there, and this development and Terrenos Houston are burdens to the community, and a risk to public safety. The local, law abiding citizens are suffering, and this development company needs to be stopped immediately.

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