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May 30, 2014


When seeking this office, I ran on a platform promoting: Transparency, Accountability, Accessibility, and Fiscal Responsibility. These are not mere words but the tenets on which this office is run. Each aspect of Precinct 3 from its employees, equipment, and operations has been under review. The focus was to build on the successes of the past while transforming the office, equipment, and personnel to best reflect the needs of the future. The end goal was to create a proactive, taxpayer centric organization which increases productivity and plans for the future while minimizing costs.

When I took office in January 2013, I raised the bar, not by an inch but by a mile. I set high expectations and demanded accountability. These new standards applied to all employees, current and future. While it was my hope that all employees would embrace these principles, some simply wanted to maintain the status quo. Some retired and some were fired, but NONE were discriminated against. As a safeguard, we coordinated disciplinary actions with the Montgomery County Human Resources Department.

The vast majority of employees that were employed under the previous administration are still employed in my administration. Since taking office, I have hired 9 females, promoted 3 females to management roles, and proudly employ 17 females. There has not been, nor will there ever be, discrimination of any type under my watch.

I will vigorously defend my actions and those of my staff regarding any accusation of discrimination. These allegations are blatantly false. I believe such allegations are politically motivated.

I will not respond each time an attorney sends a baseless, threatening letter nor will I give any credence to these claims. While the alleged victims seek to try this case in the media, I look forward to resolving these claims pursuant to the relevant legal procedures. My intent is this will be my only public comment on the matter.

At the advice of counsel, I will not be taking questions at this time.

Thank you,

James Noack

Montgomery County

Commissioner Precinct 3

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