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Posted: 7.4.2012 1:45

community says goodbye to little devon davis

The little red head boy who touched everybody’s heart the past ten days was laid to rest Friday. Arriving at the Cornerstone Church in Cleveland on a Cleveland fire truck complete with a police escort. The Texas Rangers who worked the case then stepped up and acted as pallbearers carrying the small casket inside the church.

April and Michael moved to a remote area of Liberty County just six days before little Devon went missing. April Davis had locked the door and after laying Devon down for a nap took a nap herself. A short time later she awoke and discovered the front door open and Devon missing. She notified the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office within minutes.

Captain Rex Evans took charge of the scene immediately calling in tracking dogs from Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constables Office, Tarkington, Hardin, and other Liberty County fire departments. In addition DPS was called in for a helicopter.

For the next five days hundreds searched the gator and snake infested area. The Texas Rangers moved a command center in and Verizon Wireless set up a remote cell tower to overcome the extremely weak signal in the area.

Day and night searchers worked over the area. The FBI was even called in to assist.

On day five which was last Saturday Captain Evan’s made a difficult decision to call of the search before nightfall. They wanted to get the DPS helicopter one more flyover to look at an area that a drone aircraft detected hours earlier in a pond three-hundred yards from Devon’s home. After that the next step which weighed heavy on Evan’s heart was to tell the family the search has come to an end.

The helicopter arrived over the area and at the direction of Texas Ranger Lt. Kevin Pullen used it’s rotor wash to clear the pond of the thick green algae floating on it. Within minutes the pilot spotted little Devon a short distance from shore next to a wooden pier.

The Southeast Forensic Center in Beaumont determined the cause of death to be accidental drowning.

Neal Funeral Home of Cleveland then stepped up to the plate offering the family the service for Devon at no charge.

The service was attended by friends, family and many of the rescue workers who assisted in the search.

Captain Rex Evan’s spoke to the group and thanked them for all they had done.  He also told the family, that storms come in life, but after the storm is over, the sun does come out again and life continues.

“Just because the service will end today, the people in this room will not just simply walk away,” Evans told the Davis family. “We will be here for you so long as you need us. God bless you.”

Equusearch founder Tim Miller was next to speak. He said that the search for Devon Davis was unlike anything he had ever experienced in his years. “The lessons learned are invaluable and will never be forgotten”, he said.

“The education that little Devon gave us is going to be so valuable in the future,” Miller said, . “I promise you, there is going to to be another, and he taught us so much — what to do in that very critical time.” He was referring to searches in the future. He then announced that he had talked to his Board of Directors and it was decided to attempt to secure a home for the Davis family using donated funds and with Equusearch help.

A military flag ceremony was then done. Devon’s father  Michael received the flag for his “Little Soldier”.

The service included a recording from Sponge Bob, a favorite of Devon’s.

The service ended with a video and song, “Jesus Loves Little Children”. At that point tears began to flow from many.

Little Devon’s casket was then carried back to the fire truck by the Texas Rangers.

Red balloons were then handed out and released.

To make a donation to Eqqusearch or the Davis family contact Tim Miler by phone at 281-309-9500, or by email at [email protected].