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Just before 5 a.m. Saturday as Conroe Fire Department was still on the scene of the two-alarm fire another house fire was reported.

Conroe Police first got the call from a woman who was quite upset and hard to understand. She advised someone threw something at the front of her house and fire erupted. She also advised before the cell phone connection was lost that her and her 4-year-old brother were in the house yet.

Dispatchers frantically tried to call her back as the victim being so upset was not clear on the street name. At first they thought she was on Kaleo Way which is just north of where fire crews were currently at finishing up on the two alarm fire. They started to send police units and fire equipment to that location when they were able to re-contact the reportee and determined the street was actually Kellow at Peach which is just west of Interstate 45 off Old Magnolia.

With the new location and the few lost minutes attempting to contact the reportee back multiple Conroe Police units responded to the scene as fire equipment was also enroute from further north.  Police arrived within moments and determined the victim and child were out and safe but the home was heavily involved in fire.

Conroe Fire Department was assisted by Needham Road, Lake Conroe, North Montgomery County and River Plantation Fire Departments.

According to Dominisha Jones, she was home alone with the 4-year-old. She was asleep in the living room when something was thrown through the window  and erupted in flames just feet from them.

She said there were some problems with a former friend of the family and assumed it may have been the person responsible.

Conroe Assistant Fire Chief Paul Sims said Arson Investigators were on the scene to determine what exactly caused the fire.

The home was a total loss.


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