Late this afternoon the a transformer on Enterprise Row caused a wide spread power outage in Conroe. Besides businesses such as Kroger-South Loop , medical center offices, traffic lights were also affected. The lights at South Loop 336 were out creating a traffic jam. The lights at I-45 and Crighton and I-45 at River Plantation were also out.

MCPR posted the state law which states if traffic lights are out in an intersection it should be treated as a red light. Stop, and when clear proceed. That is exactly what a Conroe Police Officer did, however the driver of the pickup drove right through the intersection without stopping and slammed into the patrol car.

There were no injuries but traffic in the area was very slow.

The lights are now working again as power was restored to the area.


                                       THE SILVER VEHICLE WAS NOT INVOLVED

One thought on “CONROE PD CRASH”
  1. Smooth move, crew cab. Like diving into a pool before checking if there’s an adequate amount of water covering the drain. You should star in the next Tarzan movie – GreyShirt, Legend of DumbAss.

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