The Conroe Police Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation received information approximately 8:00 am Central time, this date, that Annabelle Williams Forlano, age 5, was recovered in Fayette County, Ohio. Annabelle was found unharmed and in good condition.

Preliminary information indicates the Fayette County, Ohio Sheriff’s Department located the 18 wheeler in which the suspects had used to flee from the Conroe/Houston area. Deputies stated they found the truck at a Travel Center of America Truck Stop approximately 40 miles south of Columbus, Ohio. The truck engine was running and the door was locked and there was no response from inside the vehicle.

Deputies continued to search the area and located a male subject matching the description of Carl Forlano. When deputies approached Carl Forlano, he attempted to flee on foot but was quickly apprehended. Carl Forlano returned with deputies to the 18-wheeler and gave the keys to deputies to unlock the door, at which time deputies located Annabelle Forlano and suspect Angela Faith Williams.

Carl Forlano and Angela Faith Williams were arrested on the charge of Kidnapping and transported to the Fayette County Jail.

Annabelle Forlano was placed with a child advocate and the child advocate is currently making arrangements to return the child to the custodial aunt and uncle in Montgomery County, Texas.

Public response in this case was enormous and each piece of information received was reviewed. Several responses resulted in leads in which officers were able to help connect the pieces of the puzzle in this case.

The Conroe Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation believe this child abduction was solved quickly with a cooperative effort involving the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Amber Alert Network, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, New York State Police and the alert deputies from the Fayette County Ohio Sheriff’s Department.


UPDATE: March 5, 2009

CONROE- A man and woman arrested in Ohio last month after police say they abducted their biological daughter from a Conroe eatery on Feb. 16 have been extradited to Texas and are now held in the Montgomery County Jail.

Carl Forlano, 57 and 46-year-old Angela Faith Williams were the subjects of a mult-state manhunt after allegedly snatching 5-year-old Annabelle Williams Forlano from Williams’ sister Joyce Nielsen, who along with her husband Kurk, had raised the child from birth.

The incident occurred at a Chuck E. Cheese pizza restaurant on Interstate 45 during a supervised visitation.

The pair was caught with the child at a rest area in Ohio on Feb. 20 after law enforcement recognized the 18-wheeler they used to escape. Conroe Police believe they were en route to New York where Forlano had family.

Forlano and Williams’ were booked into the Montgomery County Jail last Friday. Their bonds are set at $50,000.