Constable Environmental Units making progress in Precinct 4!

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5 months ago, Precinct 4 Constable Mark Herman created the department’s first Environment Response Unit. The Environmental Response Unit consists of two full time Investigators tasked with investigating any and all locations where property has been dumped illegally.

The goal of the Environmental Response Unit is to investigate illegal dumping sites in north Harris County, to facilitate the removal of the illicit pollutants, and to criminally charge business or individuals responsible for the Illegal Dumping.

From household debris to industrial waste and everything in between, the Environmental Response Unit is trained and capable of facilitating the disposal of the waste and pursuing criminal charges and seeking restitution fees on violators. In the first few months, the ERU has investigated approximately 80 illegal dump sites and have received training in the latest technology used to combat illegal dumping.

“Environmental crime is a serious and growing problem in north Harris County “. “Many of the locations where items are being dumped are in, or outside our neighborhoods where our kids play”. “The Precinct 4 Constable’s Office will investigate and file charges on individuals and organizations that violate state environmental laws’ – said Constable Mark Herman.

Additionally, these deputies investigate the illegal placing of Bandit signs throughout Precinct 4. Many of these signs are placed illegally at intersections and on county right of ways. In June 2018, the unit recovered 290 bandit signs from our roadways and filed 36 cases on the violators. In addition to criminal charges, we also file civil cases against violators through our county attorney’s office. The process is time consuming, but well worth it to clean up our Precinct and bring the violators to justice.

If you are aware of any problematic dump sites or have useful information on any environmental based crimes in Harris County, please contact the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office Environmental Response Unit at 832-927-6843 or you may submit complaints on the Department’s website at You may remain anonymous.

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