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Monday afternoon about 4pm Montgomery County Auto Theft, Montgomery County District  3 Detectives, United States Marshals and Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constables Office attempted to serve Paul David McKinnon, age 52 of Porter a Blue Warrant issued by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. As they pulled up he was observed leaving in a red pickup down East Martin of Loop 494.

Lt. Mark Seals with Precinct 4 Constables Office stopped the vehicle. After arresting the suspect the vehicle was searched.  Inside they found packages of syringes.

When they opened up the bed of the truck  they found twenty bronze vases from grave sites.

After McKinnon was booked into the East Montgomery County Jail the work began searching for the source of these vases. Lt. Seals contacted the Conroe Police Department who had taken a report earlier in the day of thirteen vases missing from Conroe Memorial Park on FM 1314.

Mr. McNutt, the manager of Conroe Memorial Park was contacted and it was determined in fact at least thirteen of the vases were from just one section of their facility and had been taken Sunday they believed. One of the graves these were stolen from was Sgt. Nichols, a twenty-two-year Detective Sgt. from the Humble Police Department who died in 1985. Another was from the grave of a World War Two Veteran.

In an interview with Mr. McNutt, he stated the total value of the vases was close to $8000 but in scrap worth about $100. “It’s the families, the people that get hurt here by something like this”, said McNutt. He also was very happy to get these back and praised law enforcement for the fine job of recovering them. “This is the first time this has happened here, It’s happened in Houston but not here”, McNutt said.

Along with the Blue Warrant for Parole McKinnon will be charged with a felony on theft f precious metal for each one of the vases.





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