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County Employee Charged with Murder


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX- A typical Thursday afternoon was winding down for county work crews at the Precinct 4 Barn on Roberts Road in New Caney, but then law enforcement arrived and arrested one of them for first-degree murder. Investigators from the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office placed Patrick Moody under arrest for the August 6, 2021 gasoline soaking and burning Devin Graham, resulting in Graham’s death two days later.

The arrest came just over a week after 22-year-old Emma Lou Presler pleaded guilty to first-degree murder to avoid a capital murder trial and the potential death penalty in the same case. The crime met the burden for a potential death penalty case because the murder occurred during the commission of another crime, which was arson.

According to the Complaints filed against Moody and the now convicted Presler, the pair went to Graham’s residence at 2046 Aspen Glade Drive in Kingwood, where they allegedly threw gasoline all over Graham and his wife, Karissa Lindros. Investigators believe Presler and Moody then ignited the flammable liquid, engulfing Graham and Lindros in flames as the couple sat on the couch in their living room. The fire reportedly then spread and also became a structure fire. Graham was burned over 90 percent of his body, and Lindros sustained severe burns over 50 percent of her body, according to hospital staff’s statements to investigators.

The residence was in the part of Kingwood annexed by the City of Houston, but inside Montgomery County. As a result, Houston Police responded to the call and conducted the initial investigation, but charges were filed through the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office and assigned to District Courts in Conroe. The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office has experienced, commissioned law enforcement investigators inhouse, and they became involved.

Despite Lindros’s extreme injuries, a neighbor told investigators around 9:35 p.m., she ran to his home smelling of gasoline, with her burned skin falling off of her. He said he let Lindros into his house to try and help her, and Lindros told him a man and woman threw gasoline on her and set her on fire.

Another neighbor said he was outside sitting in his truck when he heard an explosion, and looked up to see huge flames from the home where the attack occurred. The man said he heard Graham screaming for help and went to him. Graham, he said, told him “they tried to kill him.” Lindros was eventually able to speak with Detectives too.

Investigators say Patrick Moody admitted being the man with Presler when Graham and Lindros were burned, and then fleeing with Presler, and driving her back to where the pair earlier met to head to Graham’s home together.

An arrest warrant was soon secured, and the warrant was executed by Investigators from the DA’s Office at the Precinct 4 Barn as employees returned from the day’s multiple jobsites before clocking out and going home. The Precinct 4 Constable’s Office transported Moody to the Montgomery County Jail in Conroe for booking.

Patrick Jason Moody, 32, of Shepherd is charged with first-degree felony Murder. The case is assigned to the 9th District Court. As of this posting, Moody remains held on bond, set at $100,000.

Presler remains in the Montgomery County Jail awaiting transfer to a state prison.