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CPD Celebrates National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week

April 9-15, 2023

A message from the Chief: 

We would like to honor and acknowledge every Telecommunicator behind the consoles; those taking the urgent phone calls that come in on E-911, and the handling of communications coming from first responders.

Many times dispatchers are monitoring important information that is being transmitted, and received over multiple radio channels at one time.  We have a saying, “if dispatch fails to handle a call correctly, or don’t send the proper assistance a bad situation could become worst”.   Most Telecommunicator’s work long hours, miss holiday gatherings, and family events to ensure the dispatch shifts are adequately covered.   We recently had a dispatcher shortage and many of the dedicated dispatchers stepped-up to help cover shifts, area first responders truly appreciated their efforts.  Many citizens heard of the dispatch shortage, and brought by meals and offered snacks for their tireless work that was performed.

Most people refer to Telecommunicator’s as “Dispatchers” of situations that need immediate attention given.  They are very special and dedicated people; and all firefighters, law enforcement officers, and EMS know dispatchers are the link to successful outcomes of many critical situations.  Most Dispatch Communication Centers are staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and they never close on weekends, or for holidays.

City of Cleveland’s Police Chief Darrel Broussard stated, “he is not only asking the citizens in the City of Cleveland to help praise the work of C.P.D. Telecommunicator’s, but to salute each Telecommunicator across the Nation.

Thank you,

Darrel Broussard
Police Chief
City of Cleveland

Left to Right:  Patrol Officer Maria Rodriguez, TCO E. Warigner, Patrol Officer Israel Crisanto, Patrol Officer Tracy Brown, SGt. John Mendoza, and TCO Rikki Cantu

Left: Elizabeth Warginer,  and Right: Rikki Cantu

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