December 5, 2022 6:15 am

Posted: 3.3.2011 0:07

CRASH VICTIM DIES OF INJURIES- 14th fatal accident in montgomery county this year

DSC02122 Tuesday’s horrific crash on Old Houston Road has taken the life of 19-year-old Charles Raggett. After firefighters worked for almost an hour to free him from the wreckage approximately 4:40 p.m. Tuesday he was transported to Hermann Hospital Woodlands with severe trauma. He was then flown to Hermann Hospital in Houston and was in surgery when he died just after 11:00p.m.

Today as funeral arrangements are being made many people are remembering him.

Charles has worked for almost three-years at Pizza On the Go in the Grangerland area at FM1485 and Old Houston. He was a energetic and full of life young man with a full life ahead of him. A kid with a big heart.  Today the outside sign has been changed in memory of Charles.

Charles had plans for the Clay Walker concert at the Houston Livestock Show Tuesday. He left work and was going to pick up tickets at his uncles. He was following his employers wife  down Old Houston. As he passed her  as she turned off Old Houston his tire caught the lip of the road. He then over corrected and his Ford F-150 shot across the road hitting a tree with such force that it wrapped the vehicle around it. The front end ripped off continued another fifty feet and the bed flew over a five foot fence coming to rest under a shed in a horse pasture.

Drivers along Old Houston stopped to help and as some called 911 others thought he had already past and had covered him.

The Caney Creek Assistant Fire Chief was first on the scene and detected a pulse. From there on it was a fight for time to get him out of the mangled mess.




EDITORS NOTE: It is sad when so many accident happen that are people you know. Yesterday as I shot the scene I never realized who the young man was. The truck was so torn up. Seeing him through the lens I still did not notice.

Then today I learn who he was.

Several years ago I started going to Pizza And Movies On The Go at FM 3083 and Old Houston. I live close by and there were few good places to eat. It was a good sign seeing Fire Trucks there often. To me that usually means it must be good for them to return. The store rented movies but also had the best burgers and pizza. The fried pickles were great.  Charles worked there and waited on me many times. He was always so friendly and polite. Seemed like a real good kid to me.

It wasn’t just him. His mother who for some time worked next door at the Valero was just as polite and friendly. I know something like this has got to be hard on her and anyone he came in contact with. He will be missed.