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Crime Stoppers Booth at the “Christmas on the Square” Celebration in Coldspring


San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers will be supporting the Montgomery Crime Stoppers at the Christmas on the Square Celebration this year.

Montgomery County Crime Stoppers serves San Jacinto County as well as Montgomery County. Crime Stoppers will have a vendor’s booth set up at the Courthouse Square in Coldspring, Texas this Saturday, December 12, 2015. The booth will be located next to the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Department booth on the corner of the square across from the tax office.

Manned by Deputy Steven Squier of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and Sergeant Neil Adams of the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office, the Deputies will be giving out the usual pamphlets and handouts with information on Crime Stoppers. However, the information will be little more “fun” this year! The team will have a DUI (driving under influence) Simulator set up at the booth.

The simulator is very similar to the arcade style driving machines where the drivers are interactive in the seated game. The difference is that participants are required to where “drinking googles” that provide an effect similar to driving after drinking alcohol. This is followed up with a Field Sobriety Test, issued by Deputy Squire. The results can be quite humorous and still making the point of how a driver’s reaction time and coordination can be challenged with the use of alcohol.

Come by and try out the simulator or enjoy by watching those that aren’t afraid of making a spectacle of themselves. This should be a lot of fun and will promote safe driving habits.



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