September 24, 2022 12:36 pm

Posted: 1.10.2020 7:45


On September 29, 2020, the Honorable Judge Maya Guerra Gamble of the
459th District Court in Travis County agreed with and ruled in favor of Waller
County and declared that Texas law prohibits firearms in courthouses. Attorney
General Ken Paxton sued Waller County in Austin, Texas for posting signs at the
Waller County Courthouse that warn visitors that carrying a firearm or other
weapon into the building is prohibited by state law. Despite clear evidence that
firearms are prohibited in courthouses, Attorney General Paxton chose to target
multiple counties and cities throughout Texas and attempted to intimidate local
governments into allowing firearms into courthouses in violation of Texas
law. The 459th is the second District Court to rule that Waller County is
upholding the Texas laws properly!
“This ruling is a victory for the rule of law, separation of power principles, and all
local governments targeted and demonized by Attorney General Paxton’s
office. This proves that Waller County has always taken the most conservative
the approach in applying the law exactly as it was intended by the Texas Legislature,”
stated Waller County Judge Trey Duhon.
District Attorney Elton Mathis added that “Waller County is a rural county full of
hunters, farmers and gun enthusiasts. Of course, we respect the 2nd Amendment
and the rights of Texans to lawfully carry firearms. However, we are also a county
that believes that we follow the laws as written by the Texas legislature and don’t
get to pick and choose what is best for us politically. The country is tired of that
and demands better.”
Waller County was represented by Assistant District Attorneys Elizabeth Dorsey
and Sheryl Ha.

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