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Dogs maul 5-year-old in West Montgomery County

A 5-year-old Montgomery boy was seriously injured when four dogs attacked him while he was riding bikes with his cousin Saturday afternoon.

Justin Talley was in his yard in the 21000 block of Shannon Circle, along with his wife Jennifer and his brother TJ when all three heard his son screaming. The two men ran to see what was wrong and were horrified at what they found.

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Four full-grown Great Danes attacked little Drake, mauling and dragging him, as Justin’s son Jordan screamed for help.

“My brother got the dogs off of my nephew,” Justin said. “They were mauling him – one was scratching him and one was biting him.”

Two of the dogs had left the child, but the other two still had him on the ground.

TJ Talley, who was first to reach Drake and chased the remaining dogs from him, described a horrific scene, saying one of the dogs “slung him over” and the other pounced on his back and the one had his jaw clamped down biting the child, as the other “was pouncing his face.”

But the scariest, and most heart wrenching account came from the victim’s cousin who is around the same age and who the family credits with saving Drake’s life by summoning help.

Jordan said they saw the dogs approaching and jumped off of their bikes.

“I was scared,” Jordan said. “The dogs jumped on Drake and he said Jordan help me, Jordan help me!”

“I just ‘scaped,” he said. “I was running, screaming, and my parents heard me.”

Jennifer Talley, who was looking after Drake while her mother-in-law worked, said the dogs belong to their neighbors and the boys ride past them on their bikes all the time without any problem.

No one could understand what caused the attack, or why the dogs singled out Drake.

Jennifer said the victim was “in shock” and covered in blood with “open gashes on his head, around his ears.”

“You could see inside,” she said.

Drake was flown by air ambulance to the Texas Medical Center in Houston with a punctured lung and numerous puncture wounds, but the family was told he will recover, Justin Talley said.
Montgomery County Animal Control officers responded to the scene to round up the dogs, whose fate will be determined later.

Justin Talley said the attack was the last thing he expected when he heard his son screaming.

“It’s crazy to think you’re going to run down there for a skinned knee and find somebody’s dog has torn our nephew up,” he said.

Jennifer said the dogs’ owners were very apologetic.

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