Just before noon Friday a DPS Trooper was traveling on the South Loop Eastbound near SH 105 East when he spotted a Suzuki 750 also eastbound. As he attempted to read the paper tag the motorcycle turned around on him. The Trooper also turned on him and followed him for FM 3083. At FM 3083 the motorcycle accelerated at a high rate of speed through the amber light in the intersection and accelerated to over 90 mph. The Trooper activated his lights and attempted to stop him. As the motorcycle went around the curve in front of Carl Barton Park the driver went down on the bike. The bike and rider slid into the guardrail at the east end of the Caney Creek bridge. When the motorcycle made contact with the rail it disintegrated into multiple pieces. The male in his late 30’s who was not wearing a helmet was transported to Conroe Regional Medical Center in critical condition. His right foot was amputated at the boot-top line and his leg was shattered. Loop 336 was closed for close to 2-hours as DPS investigated the crash. Conroe Police assisted with traffic control.

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  1. Michael

    I guess this sorta thing just really irks me… as Ron White says, “You can’t fix stupid”.
    There seems to be a lot of stupid going around these days. :-\

  2. Michael

    Friggen moron! Wonder if he’s an organ donor?

    Have officers determined whether the paper tags were any good, or was there some other reason the moron tried to run?

    Let’s do the math: a possible ticket, or lose some limbs or even worse… hmmm. I think I’d have taken the ticket any day! :-\

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