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Between 2a, and 3 am Sunday morning Conroe Police and other agencies started getting calls of a red or maroon Mustang racing up and down FM 1488 near I-45 and also in and out of the Mansions area. As Conroe Police responded a DPS Trooper on routine patrol on FM 1488 also saw them. One patrol unit had clocked the vehicle at 108 mph. The trooper initiated a pursuit which went to Mansions Drive then south. The Mustang tried to enter one of the driveways for the apartments but was stopped due to the security gate.

It was at that point the Trooper had caught up with him and pulled in behind him. That is when the Mustang rolled back into the troopers patrol unit doing very minor damage.  Conroe Police were right behind the troopers as was Montgomery County Sheriff’s units.

The officers pulled one suspect from the front right door who appeared to be the driver. The other suspect was in the back seat.

After extensive questioning of what was thought to be the driver even though he denied it troopers learned he actually wasn’t the driver.

The suspect in the back seat was the driver.

After reviewing dash cam video and talking with the passenger it was learned that Michael Murphy Scott, 22, of Larue, Texas had been driving.

When the standard transmission Mustang pulled up to the security gate, Scott, the driver jumped into the backseat, hoping his buddy would be put in the drivers seat by officers. Scott was in such a hurry he forgot to set the brake causing the vehicle to roll backwards into the patrol unit.

Michael Murphy Scott is charged with evading arrest, and driving while intoxicated.

His passenger Brandon Blake Airheart 23,  who was from Athens, Texas was also arrested for public intoxication. He claimed he was there visiting his girlfriend who lived at the complex. Future visits may be difficult as both were issued criminal trespass warnings by Conroe Police. If they should set foot on the property again they will be arrested. When Airheart arrived at the jail he gave them the address of 2733 FM 1488 in Conroe.

Many calls came in and several witnesses who were at the Valero said they witnessed the Mustang go in and out of the complex several times at a high rate of speed with the loud exhaust. When they reached FM 1488 they would complete doughnuts across all five lanes of the road.

At one point they crossed I-45 on the overpass and returned at a high rate of speed almost flipping the vehicle.






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