Driver rescued from swift water near Lake Houston

Driver rescued from swift water near Lake Houston

A man is recovering after officials say he had to be rescued from floodwaters by two firefighters Saturday morning.

Fire officials say a man avoided barricades and decided to drive his vehicle into swift water along Huffman Cleveland Road.

Officials say firefighters tried to deploy a boat to pick up the man, but the boat had mechanical issues and had to pull back.

Moments later, Lake Houston’s patrol arrived and rescued the man and the firefighters from the water.

“Luckily, everybody is okay. Everybody needs to be aware that they cannot be going through the barricades and going through any kind of water,” officials said.

Officials say this is the second time they’ve had to rescue a driver who avoided barricades in northeast Harris County in less than 24 hours.

On Friday, deputies say a driver drove his Jeep into high water and it went under. A deputy in the area saw what was going on and jumped in to help him.

Luckily, the deputy and the driver made it out of the swift waters okay.

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  1. Michael

    These are idiots not victims…. you cannot fix stupid, you should not put 1st responders at risk to save stupid people that drive around high water barricades they should be left to their fate! There needs to be a law, you drive around high water barricades and into high water then you are on your own nobody will even try to save your stupid ass!

    I know it sounds heartless, but there has to be a line drawn somewhere this is wrong putting others at risk to save idiots like this! If they want to commit suicide be drowning, LET THEM!

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