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Drug Trafficker’s Last Deal

CONROE— The third defendant of a trio that was the subject of a local and federal drug bust in February 2013 sealed his fate Monday, pleading guilty to Possession with Intent to Deliver, over 400 grams. Angel Vazquez, the purported “ringleader” of the group, who brokered the deal that ended his drug trafficking career, also made a deal with prosecutors in the 9th District Court. The 39-year-old accepted a 30 year sentence, which is less time than his two much older cohorts received after going to trial. Prosecutor Rob Freyer said the outcome was the result of “a job well done by all,” and said the plea agreement “may have been the smartest decision (Vasquez) has ever made.”

The second defendant, 68-year-old Geraldo Aguilar was tried and convicted in May of Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Deliver, over 200 grams. He was sentenced to life in prison.

Aguilar was driving a van carrying 10 kilos of cocaine when he was stopped near Community Drive and Loop 494 in East Montgomery County. He was en route to meet buyers in the parking lot at Los Cucos Mexican restaurant on the US 59 northbound feeder in Kingwood. Undercover agents posed as buyers from Florida, prepared to pay $700,000 for 20 kilos of cocaine.

At the time of Aguilar’s trial, prosecutor Rob Freyer said when the evidence was introduced in Aguilar’s trial, the smell permeated the courtroom.

“(Investigators) recovered 10 kilos with a special brand on it, which indicated these people were ‘somebodies’ in the dope game,” he said.

The first of the trio to face trial was 71-year-old Lauro Grimaldo Rincon. He was convicted and sentenced to 99 years in a March 2014 trial.

At the end of Rincon’s trial, Freyer gave the warning that has become his mantra, “When people get caught selling dope or moving dope in this county, repercussions are severe.” Freyer continues to secure sentences that support that statement.




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