Saturday, December 9, 2023
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dwi on tractor

Last Saturday, Deputy Jordan observed a green tractor, traveling North on the Southbound side of FM1485, swerving back and forth, on and off the roadway. The driver stated he was going to the gas station to fuel his tractor. The male displayed numerous indicators of intoxication. After an investigation, Thomas G. De Los Santos III was arrested for DWI and transported to the Montgomery County Jail.

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  1. @ KEEP AN OPEN MIND….if it was a motor n u can drive it then yes u can get a DWI! He was driving it all over the rd n in the ditches!

  2. I stand corrected and apologize for addressing the wrong person. On another note, the word “epic” may be the most overused word of this decade. Mine was only a minor fail; hardly epic in proportion.

  3. @grub maybe you should take your own advise and read a little further than the first letter of a comment. You wrote that @spk when @keepanopenmind was the person you meant to say it to. I love when somebody tries to talk down and epically fails

  4. @spk – I’m pretty sure “traveling North on the Southbound side of FM1485” means he was, at least in part, on the roadway AND going the wrong direction. But that’s just me reading past the first half of the first sentence. You might try it sometime. Comes in pretty handy.

  5. Not long ago a man flipped his truck to get out of the way of a kid on a tractor down 242 who was on drugs. The kid claimed he was taking the tractor to their second property and because of no lights/reflectors the guy saw him last minute and swerved to get out of the way.
    Thanks MCPD for getting him off of the road!

  6. I need more information, did this guy actually drive his tractor in the “right of way” of other traffic ? I personally don’t believe someone should get a “DWI” charge on a vehicle that does not require a license to operate…unless, he was driving in the roadway impeding other traffic !

  7. As much as I despise drunk drivers, I had to laugh at this. I have heard everything now. Glad he was caught before he did the ‘assault by tractor.”

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