October 1, 2022 6:10 am

Posted: 4.9.2009 14:06

EMC Home demolished

An eyesore on Kelly Street in Porter is no more. Early this morning Montgomery County Commissioner Ed Rinehart was joined by Montgomery County Environmental Services and a county attorney representative to clear an eyesore.

The home had not been lived in for at least two years according to neighbors. Earlier on dogs were left for dead in the back yard, and the rats started to take over.

One neighbor said a woman would come about twice a month and bring items to the home and leave.

The county sent numerous letters and certified letters to the owner on record with no response. They posted signs that the property would be destroyed. Still no response. One neighbor said last weekend someone came out, took the sign down, and attempted to cut the weeds that could hide a full-size man walking through it. Partially into it, the lawnmower quit.

This morning as Cherry Demolition started tearing the home down the interior could be seen packed wall to wall and almost ceiling-high with clothes, and junk. Some of the junk appeared to be antiques and collector’s items. Full Coke bottles, baseball cards, magazines, and photos. Even some coins were found on the ground once the debris started.

Commissioner Rinehart explained that they have no authority to remove anything out of the house. The order calls for demolishing the home and all its contents.