August 18, 2022 9:59 am

Posted: 25.2.2014 20:45


Sheriff Bobby Rader of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department is asking that all citizens in the County be aware of an alert for a “scam” that has recently victimized a Liberty County business man and cost him almost $1,000 for a bill he did not owe. Deputy James Hobson responded to a call on Friday, February 21st from the merchant who told him he had received a telephone call from a person representing himself as an employee of Entergy Texas, Inc.

This person told the business owner that the power company had not received payment for the prior month of electrical service and his power would be cut off shortly unless he sent Entergy $500 in addition to the regular payment of a little over $400 totaling just under $1,000. The merchant was instructed to call a “1-800” number and ask for a “Mr. John Rosa” which the merchant did. This alleged Mr. Rosa then instructed the business owner to obtain a “money pack” for the full amount of money owed and after doing so, call him back and give him the “pin” number on the “money pack” which is what the owner did. He then mailed the money to the address given him. Only after doing as he was instructed, did the victim go to his bank to check if his check had, in fact, cleared the bank, and it had cleared earlier after being deposited by the energy company. At this point, the merchant realized he had been the victim of a “scam” at which time he reported the event.

Sheriff’s Deputy Hobson contacted Entergy’s Corporate Security office and was advised their company did not handle non-payment of electrical bills in this manner. The Security office further advised that similar such “scams” have been reported from other jurisdictions around Texas in recent months and that Entergy intended to release information to the public in the near future to be on the alert for such illegal activity.

Although the details may differ slightly in some of the “scam” calls and may also include individual residents as well as business owners, Sheriff Rader has ask that should any resident of Liberty County receive such suspicious calls from any alleged power company to immediately contact the Sheriff’s Department at (936) 336-4500 and report the event.

Recently the City of Liberty had similar “scams” circulating in that city so all residents of the county, both city residents as well as those living in the county, should be aware of this type “scam” caller and report the call to their respective law enforcement agency.