Marvin Garcia, 34 from El Salvador was convicted of murder in Harris County in 2010. He was serving his 25-year sentence at the TDCJ Neal unit in Amarillo. Early Monday morning he was seen by a guard going over a fence. That guard fired at least six shots at Garcia but missed. A manhunt was in progress ever since.

A short time ago, Marvin Garcia, 34, from El Salvador, was apprehended after authorities aboard a search plane saw someone jump from a northbound freight train that had slowed, Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokesman Jason Clark said.
State troopers and local law enforcement agencies converged on the area north of Amarillo near the Canadian River and U.S. Highway 287, and took Garcia into custody.

In 2010 Garcia was sentenced after he admitted beating a man to death with a piece of wood in 2008. He was not eligible for parole until 2021.

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  1. spk

    Is the guard that bad of a shot or did he just not do his job? Do they just let them go when they climb fences? Or was it someone who couldn’t hit anything? In 2021, if he makes parole, he can kill someone else–and probably will.

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