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An East County mother and her four children were terrorized by a brutal home invasion that began with a man dressed as someone for whom almost anyone would open their door.

Around 11 a.m. Friday, a black male knocked at the door of a home in the Kings Manor Subdivision in the part of Kingwood that is in Montgomery County. The man was wearing a United States Postal Service uniform and carrying a package.

When the  homeowner Sajida Shah opened the door, the man suddenly forced the door wide open and began punching her in the face as he headed inside. He was soon followed by three armed black males who also entered the home. They dragged the bleeding woman on the floor to the kitchen and told her to remain face down as they bound her. Next, they went to her 13-year-old son who was asleep on the couch and bound his wrists with zip ties. They forced three other children, 2, 5, and 9 years old, to the living room and told them not to move. After searching the lower half of the home they took the 13-year-old at gunpoint upstairs forcing him to tell them where money and valuables were. When the boy said he did not know, the men became violent and also threatened to kill him each displaying a gun.They ransacked the upstairs of the home taking several thousand dollars in cash, jewelry and electronics including Play stations and Xboxes, cell phones, I-pads and other electronics. Then they discovered a briefcase containing the family’s passports, certificates of deposit and other legal documents. After almost 30 minutes in the home, the bandits fled.

Sajida Shah, said the same man came to her door last week with a package for her to sign for. she realized the address was wrong an the man left.

Her 13-year-old son Saleer said he was scared to death but didn’t want to say anything stupid that may cause the gunmen to react violently toward his family. He said he wasn’t afraid to die but was worried about his family.

HIs sister Marium who is 9-years-old when asked what she thought she responded with , “It’s natural, I mean a lot of people get robbed,” She said she had been sleeping upstairs and was brought down and told to remain on the couch and not move and would not allow her to assist her injured mother on the kitchen floor. She sat with her 5-year-old brother Muzamia, her 2 year-old sister Fiza as the men moved their way through the home.

They even took little 5-year-old Muzamia Play Station and his money.

This is not the first time the family has been robbed, last summer the store the family owns in the Cleveland area was robbed. In that robbery Sajida’s father was shot. He recovered from his injury and the white male suspect was arrested later that day.

Several residents in the area said this has not been the first home invasion. One had also occurred on December 5, 2011 just blocks away. There were also other burglaries in the area. A Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy who lives in the subdivision has had the antennas stolen off his marked patrol car several times.

Others were upset that no alerts were put out within the media, Sam Boyd said, “Here we have a man posing as a mailman during the holidays, forces his way into a home with his armed goon squad, and we hear nothing about it, not a word until we come home eleven hours later to live news television trucks up and down our street, and we still don’t have descriptions on these robbers.” He plans to spend the day tomorrow shopping for a good camera system for his home that will provide high resolution images and video of his home and the outside of his home. He said he believes if more people had good clear camera systems, the job of investigators would be mush easier as they could go door to door viewing systems and possibly get some good images on suspects.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office spent almost 6 hours investigating the scene.

Around 6:30 p.m. detectives left the scene without commenting or providing any information. MCPR attempted to contact MCSO officials and left  messages as of 11 pm no calls have been returned.


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