Sunday, May 28, 2023


Early Monday morning Cord Clark woke up and started to head to work. When he got outside he found the families Black Lab lying dead in the front yard on Lone Star Ranch Drive in the Lone Star Ranch . There was a trail of blood across the driveway.

Later viewing the home security video they discovered he was not hit by a car. Six-year-old Lightning died at the hands of an animal abuser. Close top midnight Lightning is seen walking up to the front door with the arrow completely through his body. He stops and turns several times in an attempt to pull it out.

Then just after 1 am an SUV, possibly a Chevrolet Trail Blazer drives by very slowly with the windows open. The driver goes to the intersection and makes a u-turn. He then stops in front of the Clark’s driveway, exits the vehicle and attempts to coax Lightning out of the ditch. As Lightning comes to him, he is seen pulling the arrow out and walking back to his truck with arrow in hand.

Lightning is then seen walking across the driveway dispersing a trail of blood before he goes down.

Cord Clark say’s he wants justice for the ones responsible.

His son, C.J. recalls how Lightning was a friendly pup who played football with him. He said, “he needs to deserve something for what he did.” C.J. said it’s not right if your in a neighborhood and just walk up to a dog and shoot it with a bow and arrow.



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  1. I am sorry for your loss. As a lab lover I emplor you to not give up and find the fu#k. Someone knows something. Grab your valls and come forward with any info for these people. I literally would have put a bullet into this abuser without hesitation…..people suck

  2. Son of a biscuit. Someone please tell me what in the heck is wrong with people?! WHY would anyone shoot someone’s pet like this?

    Hope the sorry-*ss POS is found.

  3. The same thing happened to my yellow lab, and a week later my house was robbed while I was at work. It sucks to lose your best friend, then a week later, all your belongings. Hopefully for the family, this POS doesn’t have plans of returning. He should be starved to death for killing that dog.

  4. I hope they find this idiot and prosecute him as far as the law allows. It’s a shame they will put down a dog but let some piece of crap that shoots sweet, harmless pets run around free. Hopefully the information gained from the video will be enough to catch and prosecute the creep. If not, let’s hope he’s stupid enough to shoot off his mouth about his crime and someone hears him and turns him in.

  5. Probably some damn teenagers with nothing to do…..that’s just sad and above all HEARTLESS & COWARDLY….a black lab is normally a friendly dog…they may bark but never heard of one attacking someone….I guarantee if they did that to my dog….and I found out who it was…there would be much HELL to pay….I sure hope they get busted and severely fined for their action

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